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Friday, January 21, 2011

Mutton Chops, Xylophone Solos, Yodeling, and Strange Haircuts

So today I thought I would share with my readers some awesome bands, that nobody or few people seem to know about.  I know the title is a little bit misleading, but I think it accurately depicts some of these just plain odd bands, all of which are musically brilliant.  

This first one is Hocus Pocus By Focus, an awesome song, with some great guitar playing, interesting drums, sweet bass line, and absolutely ridiculous vocals (yodeling) from the 70s.  Check it out, its worth the listen I promise.

This next one is called Knots by Gentle Giants, it has some interesting discordance to it, and an eerie piano melody, along with a brilliantly creepy vocal harmony, with a little xylophone solo in it.  It leads into Octopus by Gentle Giant, with some great key changes, awesome melodic jazzy/blusey/folk guitar parts, when it leads back into creepy.  Truly brilliant what these men can do with their instruments.

This band is quite a bit different from the other two.  They are called The Beat Farmers, and the song is Gun Sale At the Church.  It is a down south rock & roll style song, but if memory serves the band was actually from California, never made it big due to the singer dying young.  A should be classic, plus the singer has the nittiest, grittiest mutton chops around, and frankly every member of this band just radiates cool.

This video speaks for itself, a true virtuoso of the guitar, Justin King with Knock On Wood.  Also he has a very strange haircut...idk if I am okay with it.

As much as I could go into interesting bands, and songs that few have heard of I am gonna stop here because the post would cover my entire page, if you want more in a later blog entry feel free to ask.  All of these songs are definitely worth the listen if you are a fan of real music :) .

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