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Monday, January 17, 2011

Fallout New Vegas (Video Game) Review

Fallout New Vegas is one of my person favorite video games.  I like it because it took Fallout 3, and more or less remade it with better graphics, a more interactive story line, and more things to do.  Like Fallout 3 they still have a great sound track in Fallout New Vegas, filled with lots of great oldies that create a great vibe throughout the game.  You take the role of a wandering courier in the game, and  upon delivering a mysterious package, you are shot in the head and left to die in a shallow grave by an unknown hat sporting a checkered suit.  You soon wake up in a nearby town with a doctor, who informs you that a strange robot named Victor found you and brought you to safety.  You make it your mission to go and find the man in the checkered suit and get revenge, all the while getting tied up with different factions like The New California Republic, Caesar's Legion, and Mr.House and his army of securitrons.
The game has lots of stuff to do in it, if you stay away from the main storyline quests you could play this game for hours, and hours.  Even the side quests have excellent story lines to accompany them, and you will meet all sorts of companions and enemies along the way.  Check out Fallout New Vegas, to recap, it has an excellent storyline, lots of customization, great characters, great music, excellent replay value, great game play, and a good New Vegas vibe to it.  Nothing like walking into New Vegas the first time and seeing all the flashy casinos and people with Jingle Jangle Jingle playing in the background.  Great game check it out!  

Here is a link to the Official Fallout New Vegas Website

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