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Friday, January 21, 2011

Adsense Screwing Us Over

So I just read an interesting blog entry from the blog YOU CAN CALL ME BOSS (link there), and he said the Google Adsense does not count clicks that view the page for less then 25 seconds...which kind of frustrates me.  I mean if they click, then decide they are not interested upon entering the site, that should not be the bloggers/publishers fault.  I mean I want to know how many clicks I ACTUALLY got...I am disappoint.  Also it is not the person hosting the ads fault if google cannot keep the clickers interested enough to stay.  Sounds like a problem with google amirite?  Anyways I thought you guys would like to know so we can rage together in the comments.

Once again here is the link for the original blogger, please check it out I will feel like a douche if he doesn't get the credit deserved!  Thx


  1. That stinks.

  2. good stuff bro. thanks for spreading the word.

  3. i seen this earlier, and i also agree with you, a poor landing page that still spreads the word is like a way for advertisers to get their message out subliminally at no cost to them. its bs, and making me angry.

  4. its a stupid, I'm sure I've lost money because of this