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Saturday, January 15, 2011

1408 (2007) Movie Review

1408 is a chilling story written by Stephen King about a skeptical horror writer.  He goes to haunted hotel rooms across the country, stays in them, then writes about them.  The character in the movie is not a believer of ghosts, which is ironic due to his profession.  The movie starts out with a prelude like so many horror movies often do, of the character going about his daily life.  As the story progresses it begins to take on a good creepy vibe which I personally look for in a good scary movie.  About a quarter way through the movie I was sure that it was going to be a typical paranormal cheap-shock scare movie, but to my avail it retained that creepy attribute I do so adore, and had some great, very Stephen Kingish plot twists.  I myself am a huge Stephen King fan and am really impressed how well they did 1408 compared to some of the earlier Stephen King movies (maybe there is still hope for The Dark Tower movie yet!).  I believe the book/movie were somewhat based on Dante's 9 Circles of Hell as well which adds in an interesting dynamic to the movie. All in all this was a great creepy-paranormal thriller and I strongly suggest taking the time to watch it.  Thx for reading!

Here is a link to Stephen Kings website, check him out great author

And Here is what IMDB has to say about the movie

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